About Mrs. Daubert & her Physics Classes

“Physicists are the Peter Pans of the human race.
They never grow up and they keep their curiosity.” -Isidor Isaac Rabi


M.Ed. Physics Education
Graudate School of Education, Rutgers University

B.S. Physics, Meteorology
Cook College, Rutgers University

Hobbies & Interests

The great interests of my life are physics and meteorology. I love playing and experimenting with new physics ideas or reading about the ordinary people who made extraordinary contributions to the field of physics. As an undergraduate in college, I majored in meteorology as well as physics. When a big storm is looming you’ll often find me in front of my computer checking out the latest computer models. I will happily give you my forecast (without guarantee ofcourse)!

I also enjoy roller coasters, Disney World, traveling, drumming, hiking, playing ice hockey, and Rutgers Football (Go Knights!). I am happily married with two cats, Toby & Tabitha. Toby & Tabitha frequently star in my physics problems.

My Teaching Philosophy & Learning Policies

Physics is not about using the correct equations and “plugging in” to get the correct value. Physics is about using scientific and analytical reasoning to improve one’s understanding of natural phenomena and challenge other people’s ideas about science. History shows that physics was only advanced by men and women who challenged the status quo, dreamed of new explanations, tested their ideas, and were wrong far more often than they were right. As such, I place a large emphasis on having students model solutions to problems many ways to improve their understanding rather than on solving for a “correct” answer. Accurate numerical solutions to problems are fantastic, but they must be accompanied by an explanation of the problem solving process, assumptions, uncertainties, and limitations to be useful to any scientist.

I expect that my students actively focus on the process rather than the answer and strive for personal improvement of their own scientific abilities.


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